Our Story

In 2010, Reverend John Patterson began the St. James Fellowship by visiting residents at a single assisted living facility in Monroeville, PA. It had no staff chaplain or organized Pastoral Care program. By listening, supporting, encouraging and befriending its residents, he replaced their lost ties to the church with a new kind of fellowship.

Today, the St. James Fellowship reaches out with the Gospel of Christ to people in seven care facilities in Monroeville, PA and adjacent communities. Many of them have been personally touched by the faithful, spiritual support offered by this ministry. Services include regular opportunities for worship, Bible study groups, hymn singing, Holy Communion, counseling, and personal visits  – all of which help restore  familiar, meaningful spiritual practices to the lives of these ministry participants.  When some of these residents require hospitalization or rehabilitation, SJF continues to minister to them.

Our Mission

Rev. John and Jackie - a lovely woman who appreciates our miinistry. (2)

Who We Serve

The St. James Fellowship serves elderly and disabled persons in Pittsburgh’s east suburbs.  Most reside in long-term care facilities, but a few remain in their homes. Some experience Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, others physical or mental illnesses or injuries, still others, loneliness or depression. Regardless of their infirmities, they are all in need of the love and friendship of Christ.

JP and Clayton

What We Do

The St. James Fellowship ministers to these individuals and their caregivers by bringing the worship, fellowship, supportive services and material support of the church to them in their care settings. We are, in essence, a church without walls. Traditional services, Bible studies, fellowship, counseling and friendship are all part of the ministry.

Why We Serve

Because Jesus Christ calls us to do it! It is both a responsibility and a privilege to proclaim the Good News, serve Holy Communion, counsel the weary, and offer help for the troubles of life that our aged and disabled friends bear.  We are guided by the teachings found in the Book of James.

Our Eight Guiding Precepts

Love God & come near to him

– James 4:6b-10, Mark  12:28-34

Read & know his Word

– II Tim 2:15

Love your neighbor as yourself

– Matthew 22:34-40

Fellowship with his people & receive Holy Communion

– Hebrews 10:25


– I Thes. 5:17, James 5:14-18, Psalms

Have the right belief (orthodoxy)

– Gospel of John, Romans, James, Apostles Creed

Have the right life (orthopraxy)

– The Beatitudes, Matthew 5:1-12, Fruits of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22-26

Have the right heart (orthocardia)

– Hebrews 4:12, Matthew 15:7-20

Where We Serve

Currently, St. James Fellowship serves the spiritual needs of elderly and disabled persons living at the following care facilities east of Pittsburgh:

    • Arden Courts, Monroeville
    • Abode Care, Monroeville
    • Beatty Point, Monroeville
    • William Penn Care, Jeannette
    • Independence Court, Monroeville
    • Pointe Pleasant, North Versailles
    • Woodhaven, Monroeville

Our Supporters

St. James Fellowship charges nothing for the services it provides and is funded exclusively by charitable contributions.  In addition to the support of many generous individuals, SJF receives regular mission funding from the following area churches:

    • Hebron Presbyterian Church, Penn Hills
    • Hillcrest Presbyterian Church, Monroeville
    • St. Albans Anglican Church, Murrysville
    • First Baptist Church, Monroeville
    • New Covenant Presbyterian Church,  Monroeville
    • Christ Reformed Church, Ruffs Dale